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We recently have had several people asking about what makes a piece of jewelry antique as opposed to estate.

Fine jewelry is like a Mercedes Benz in that there are no used Mercedes only previously owned ones. Estate means previously owned with no allusion to age. Jewelry can generally be described as Antique when it is older than 100 years.

Estate jewelry should be priced lower than new mass produced jewelry; like that new car you just drove off the lot, most of the cost is the profit the original owner paid. Fairly priced estate jewelry should be based on the cost of the components.

Antique jewelry is priced at a premium depending on the period and designer. Art Nouveau jewelry has been selling at big premiums at the larger auction houses even in this economy. Antique and contemporary Art Jewelry has proven to be a good investment.

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Last updated on March 13, 2010 by Francis M Lynch